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Staffordshire Cluster Fly Problems
Stoke-on-Trent / Leek / Newcastle / Stafford / Stone / Uttoxeter
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Cheshire Cluster Fly Problems
Crewe / Congleton / Middlewich / Nantwich / Northwich / Sandbach / Tarporley / Winsford
postcodes: CW1, CW2, CW3, CW4, CW5, CW6, CW7, CW8, CW9, CW10, CW11, CW12

All of our staff involved in the irradication of cluster flies are fully trained and certified to very high standards because we take your safety very seriously.


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Cluster Flies are found throughout Europe and the UK. They are harmless, and do not carry any diseases that affect humans. However they are a real nuisance due to the migration to buildings in the autumn.



Our service charge is only £40.00. No extra change for weekends or bank holidays.

We guarantee a discreet and satisfacty service and promise no hidden charges.

All our technicians are fully trained to the highest standards and are all fully Insured. We operate a Fast Response service.

We cover all kinds of properties from domestic to commercial. No job is too large or too small.

Midlands Wasp Removal are fully trained at dealing with all cluster fly problems.

The life cycle of a Cluster Fly

Egg - Larva - Pupa - Adult

Their life cycle begins when the adults lay eggs into soil in the spring and early summer. Once hatched the larva burrow into the soil and locate earthworms on which they feed as parasites. During the course of the summer they will grow as a larva and when large enough pupate into the adult fly.

Because they breed outside in the land that contains earthworms treatment of the breeding sites is impossible.

When the temperatures drop in the autumn the adult flies migrate from these summer breeding sites into buildings where they hibernate in attics, windows, cavity walls and any other suitable voids. They cluster in extremely large numbers, sometimes in tens of thousands.

During the early stages of this migration phase they may leave the building on warmer sunny autumnal days before returning at night. Once temperatures are consistently low this migration will cease although this may take several weeks and come in a number of waves.

Can Cluster Flies cause harm?

Cluster Flies are found throughout Europe and the UK. They are harmless, and do not carry any diseases that affect humans.

Cluster Fly are specifically a nuisance pest due to the migration to buildings in the autumn in extremely large numbers. they affect all types of buildings - domestic properties, offices, commercial premises.

Cluster Fly are not a hazard to health as they do not contaminate food products.

Treatments consist of fogging or smoking of the attics and void areas and insecticide treatments to windows.

All treatments will only kill what is present at the time of treatment and so more than one treatment will be required if migration takes a few waves.




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